miércoles, 11 de junio de 2008

My beautiful city,,,

I live in Maracaibo, and i love it because it's so beautiful!!!

So i can show you this photos of Maracaibo.... (if you want to see more pictures visit My Flickr )

Un nuevo amanecer... solo que con algo de nubes
That is a sunrise

Thats one of the streets we have here.

¿como lo hacen?
The Vereda del Lago

Nada como una buena melodía...
A person singing in the Vereda del Lago

Semana Santa....
Of course a sunset

The buildings

Another sunset...

We keep on touch

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008

Think Green...

It's a short viedo, however it's so cool!


sábado, 15 de marzo de 2008

Caracas!!! if i could go...!

In this vacation i really want to go to Caracas because it’s a great city.

If i could go I’d like to visit the “Avila Mágica” place, and eat some “fresas con crema” at the “Colonia Tovar”.

I’d want to buy something in Sambil mall and visit a lot off malls in that city. I can spend only one week in Caracas, so I need to go to “Teresa Carreño” theater and see one theater show.

I’ll take the subway many times, because it’s wonderful. I really want to travel with my family; however I’ll go and stay at my aunt’s home at the Central Park.

I don`t have a lot of money to spend, only BsF .250 (around 125USD), but I’ll go and have a great time in Caracas.

Picture found at

Picture found at

Mmm! make your egg sandwich

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

My flat...and my dream...

I live in an flat, it's not too big however it`s confortable and clean; it’s quiet and has a beautiful view, I can see the city, the lake, and the 'Rafael Urdaneta' bridge. It has 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms. The kitchen is big (for being a flat), and has two waiting rooms and one dinning rooms. My apartment is located around Delicias.

In my dreams I had a big apartment, in a 19 floor, with pool and a lot of windows.

jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

The Real Adventures of Ted & Ana...

Jejeje, it's my crazy versio... see you around!